Car Accidents

Car Accident Attorney: Huntington, West Virginia

Every day thousands of people in America are injured in car accidents. In West Virginia alone, a significant number of people suffer devastating car accidents that cause broken bones, paralysis, head trauma, back injuries, neck injuries, and brain damage. At the Law Office of Chad D. Barry, in Huntington, West Virginia, we represent people who have been injured in an auto accident.

We understand how accidental injuries can affect your life. We understand what you are going through—dealing with terrible pain, trying to juggle doctor and therapy appointments, worrying about the medical bills, and trying to get along without the income you lost when you couldn’t go to work. We fight hard for the financial settlement you need to compensate you for all of your damages.

Attorney Chad Barry practices solely in the area of personal injury. We are advocates for injured people. We do not represent the insurance companies. If you have been injured in an auto accident and need an experienced West Virginia personal injury attorney, call our office at 304-522-8301 to schedule a free consultation.

Our Results Set Us Apart

Choosing the right lawyer is an important and difficult decision. We understand that people who have experienced a serious injury are relying on us to get the relief they need. We understand that we are judged on results, not on intentions. We aggressively negotiate automobile accident claims on behalf of our clients with the goal of obtaining maximum recovery in a minimum amount of time. We know that our clients place their trust in our hands, and we do everything in our power to prove that their trust is well placed.

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